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We all want lives with more money, more meaning, and more freedom.

And I truly believe that when you couple the right knowledge with a strong desire for action, that’s all possible.

Sh*t You Don't Learn in College is an exploration into: 

  • ​The modern education system and why it fails to fulfill our greatest human needs
  • ​Processes to find your personal purpose and direction
  • ​Strategies and frameworks to make more money in your career and business while having the freedom you desire
  • ​And an overall deeper understanding of how to be happier and more fulfilled in life.

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  • The Exclusive E-Workbook with follow along SYDLIC exercises to help you implement your learning in your daily life as you go through the book. ($97 Value)
  • The Executive GSD (Get Sh*t Done) Productivity Training Zander delivers to executives, startups, and Fortune 100 companies alike. ($1997 Value)
  • SYDLIC 101 - 4 Week Course: Derived from his 1-1 ($5000 per client) work, this program is specifically designed to help you get the clarity and skills necessary to live your ideal life in under 30 days. ($997 Value)
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